The Brotherhood


A man gets his peaceful life ripped apart when his wife is kidnapped for unknown reasons. The Brotherhood is a crime thriller audio drama in three episodes, geared towards anyone who loves a good story. Sit back and listen – for not everything is as it seems.



  1. Past and Present
  2. A Real National Anti-Hero
  3. People Don’t Change



Full Show (all episodes combined)




Written & directed by

Rickard Davebo


Voice-over actors

Will Brood

Kate Burns

Tony Ruggieri

Joe Conley Golden

Alexandra Potocka

Matthew Buckner

Carl Lundstrom

Troy Mangram

Cayden Berkmoyer

Matthew Reardon

Robert Shuman

Alessandro Ambrosio

Andrew Bale

Peter WG

Barry Mills

John Blackwell

Brian Copeland

Russ Burton

Kyle Richardson

Laura Clifton

Noah Bender

John Cook

Patti Gribow

Teri Bowers